Transtrade Consultoria

Transtrade Overseas, Ltd.

TRANSTRADE was formed in 1975 under the name of TRANSCONSULT, as a privately owned consulting company specialized in transportation for turnkey projects.

The name TRANSTRADE was adopted as from 1998.

During the 80’s TRANSTRADE started its activities in international trade and shipping, with a significant focus on barter and countertrade transactions with the former Soviet Union. At that time several parent companies were formed to carry out the Group’s transactions, such as Transconsult International Corp., IBE World Group, IBE International Corp., Medicare do Brasil S.A., Eco-Lógica Proteção Ambiental S.A. and IBE International Brazil Export.

In1998 the Group’s major partners decided to follow different paths, and two separate and independent companies continued their activities: in São Paulo, Transtrade International Brazil Export, and in Rio de Janeiro, TRANSTRADE CONSULTORIA.

TRANSTRADE is registered in Rio Bonito, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where the domestic business are handled, and has an operating office in the city of Rio de Janeiro to handle international business and partnerships with third parties. TRANSTRADE OVERSEAS, LTD., a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands was formed to carry out the activities abroad.

Nowadays TRANSTRADE provides consulting services for several areas, such as financial and business, infrastructure sector - mainly construction and the offshore industry, trade of crude oil and its by-products, and other commodities.

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