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James  Cook, C.E.O.

Marco Varsano, C.O.O.

Francisco Ide, Director - Finance and Administration

Denise Cook Kezen, Director - Legal

Tasso Marques, Director - Compliance




Antonio Claudio Maia

Carlos Bautzer

Doug Freberg





Accredited internationally for its technical and commercial expertise in asphalt, was a Professor Engineer of COPPE - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, and, for over 25 years, has worked in Shell’s units in Mexico, Chile, France, England, Portugal and Tunisia, as Sales Director, Technical Director and Marketing Director in the Asphalt Division, and Director of Market Projects and Studies.

Fluent in Portuguese, English and French, is also a Docteur Ingénieur from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris and co-author of the book “Use of Bituminous” from l'USIRF - Union des Syndicats de l'Industrie Routiére Française, published by Éditeur Revue Générale des Routes et Aérodrome.



As a Senior Executive of the American and European trading companies Marzone, Brascor, and IGT, and as CEO of Orion International Corporation, successfully implemented commercial strategies in the agro-industry, fertilizer, chemical and service sectors, including the deployment of complex financial solutions, acquiring a major experience in the development and management of international operations worldwide.

Nowadays, through privately owned and associated companies, assists private corporations and government agencies to create, promote and manage transnational projects, investment and trade ventures.

Fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian, basic in Dutch and German.



Eighteen years as a Washington DC legislative and regulatory lobbyist for USA electricity, natural gas, hydropower and alternative energy companies.

Extensive field experience in oil and gas exploration as a petroleum landman.  Since 2000 has assisted several energy companies in identifying and understanding conventional and alternative energy investment opportunities in Brazil and in creating partnerships with Brazilian companies.

Fluent in English.  Intermediate in Portuguese.  Basic in Spanish.



Graduated in law by the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC), and post graduated in the Getúlio Vargas Foundation’s MBA for Business’ and Economy’s Law, it also participates as a partner and attorney of the renowned law firm Bastos-Tigre, Coelho da Rocha e Lopes Advogados, specializing in the fields of civil litigation, consumer law, contracts and corporate law.

Fluent in Portuguese and English.



Senior Executive of financial institutions such as ABN AMRO, Sudameris, Banco América do Sul, Fuji Bank and Yasuda Trust & Banking, it specialized in structuring transactions and financial solutions related to the areas of exchange, trade finance, treasury, bank guarantees and leasing.

Graduated in Accounting (CPA), is also post graduated in Finance (IBMEC) and in the Getúlio Vargas Foundation’s MBA for Business Management.

Developed a solid knowledge of leading practices and concepts related to areas of controllership and accounting, such as U.S. GAAP, IFRS, Sarbanes-Oxley, taxes and duties.

Fluent in Portuguese and English, basic in Spanish.



Senior Executive of international financial institutions such as Citibank, Bank Boston and Banco América do Sul (Fuji Bank) until 1986, acquired vast knowledge of the financial mechanisms related to international trade operations.

Since 1986 engaged in barter and countertrade deals, and further specialized in the structuring of renegotiation of Brazilian public debt resulting from judicial decisions, and its further swap for Treasury Bills used in the Brazilian Privatization Program. Lately has been in charge of consulting for transactions involving crude oil and oil products, and assisting local and foreign companies engaged in the Brazilian offshore crude oil exploration.

Fluent in Portuguese and English, basic in Spanish.



Economist and Business Administrator with experience of over 30 years in the area of commodities, was formerly with the Sucden Group, working as a trader in the sugar market and further as Assistant Vice-President. Also specialized in futures trading and hedging when working for the REFCO Group International. Since the early 90’s focused on crude oil and oil products trade, and most recently in the ethanol industry.

Expert in technical analysis of commodity’s markets, is fluent in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish.



As Senior Executive of financial institutions such as Banco Mercantil de São Paulo and Banco de Crédito Nacional, and Director of Brazilian trading companies, acquired vast experience in structuring transactions in several areas, such as treasury, leasing, trade finance and international trade.

Graduated in law by the Faculdade Veiga de Almeida, and post graduated in public law by Centro de Estudos Jurídicos Gama Filho, has a degree in economics by the Faculdade de Ciências Políticas e Econômicas do Rio de Janeiro. It also participates as a partner of the law firm Castaing, Palmeira & Marques Advogados Associados, specializing in commercial law and tax planning.

Fluent in English and Portuguese.

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